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If you want to reach your highest potential in business, the online and on-campus DBA degree program at the 加州 School of 管理 and 领导 (CSML) in 圣地亚哥 and 洛杉矶 can help give you the experience, 专业知识, 还有让你留下印记的信心. 工商管理博士学位课程深入研究了商业实践等学科, 理论与方法, 研究设计, 应用研究, 合作研究, 和其他人, all with a focus on technology and quantitative 分析.

If you want to pursue advanced studies with elite business professionals, 网上或校内都可以, at our university in 圣地亚哥 and 洛杉矶, 加州, the DBA program is a great place to start. 在Alliant, we work hard to make it easier for you to achieve the higher education you need to be among the top business leaders in the country. 

在整个博士项目中, 你将接受实际操作培训, 学习有价值的生活技能, 体验商业和国际商业原则的实际应用. You'll also complete a competency practicum that we can help you secure, 或者如果你在工作, 你可以利用你现在的公司获得这份宝贵的工作和专业经验, benefitting both you and your organization.


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The on-campus and online DBA program is focused and concentrated, and although you may choose to take longer, you can earn your doctoral degree or DBA in as few as three years. This is significantly shorter than the typical four or five years, 而且你可以做到这一点,而不会牺牲你所期望的博士水平项目的质量. Take the next step in your career with our business administration program.

博士 Dissertation Development

班级规模小,可以让你的教授在你写论文时集中注意力. As a DBA student progressing in the academe, you will be paired with a faculty mentor who will advise and guide you from the prospectus stage through the final defense of your dissertation and career path design. Your faculty mentor will help you through the entire dissertation process.


在圣地亚哥和洛杉矶提供在线或校园工商管理博士学位, 加州, our DBA program includes two years of coursework, with one to two years of dissertation research. 所有课程安排为八周的学期,每学期有一到两门重点课程. 在线DBA学位形式为您获得博士学位提供了灵活性.


Practical training is required and intended to develop professional and applied practice related skills and 专业知识 in the DBA student’s program through a variety of work and learning experiences which could involve supervised practical training and/or applied client projects. 了解更多


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This specialization is designed for students interested in understanding the complexities of the data revolution and gaining advanced knowledge & 数据科学技能. With an abundance of information and uses for data science, this core area of focus will be highly useful in a variety of industries. You will learn how to contribute to your field through quantitative 分析 and research methods in applied perspectives. 伦理和社会因素以及信息和数据科学的使用也将被审查.

Guided experiential practical training and/or internship opportunities available from Day 1 of the program will allow you to explore and sharpen your skills in a business setting and earn valuable resume building experience to boost your career.


管理专业为学生从事国际战略工作做好准备, 领导, 人力资源管理. 该课程旨在培养对学术研究感兴趣的学生的基本技能, 咨询, and corporate positions in large organizations.

Coursework will focus on organizational development and theories. 该课程将为学生提供帮助组织保持竞争力和发展的知识. Students will be trained to gain knowledge in emerging management theories, 研究问题, and developing solutions to complex managerial problems.

实习为学生提供了一个动手的学习环境,以提高他们的管理技能, develop business relationships within their communities, and gain real world knowledge that can be applied in a corporate setting. 实习为学生提供了在现实世界中运用技能的学习机会. The internship programs focus on student involvement in learning outcomes. Gaining real life experience in management is an excellent way to capitalize on using acquired knowledge to bulk up resumes and showcase skills to potential future employers. 


A specialization in marketing supplies students with a broad knowledge of how marketing is used in a variety of arenas.

学生将了解市场营销如何用于商业和政治的组织战略. The curriculum will include courses in managing growing organizations, 人类行为, 政治策略, 社会影响, and organizational learning and adaptation.

博士 candidates will become versed in best practices for creating new 应用程序s for the evolving needs of complex global organizations. 研究课程, theory, 应用程序将提供影响企业管理实践的技能, 非营利组织, 和政治.

Guided experiential practical training and/or internship opportunities are a large focus in the program and contribute to the professional growth of students. The internships put students in career roles with prospective future employers and add practical value to student resumes to help them get full-time employment.



Curricular 实务训练(CPT)

Students in the DBA ground program are required to participate in curricular practical training as part of their experiential learning throughout the program. Practical training is intended to develop professional and applied practice related skills and 专业知识 in the student’s program through a variety of work and learning experiences which could involve supervised practical training and/or applied client projects. 这是整个学术课程从第一天开始到课程完成的要求. 国内学生可以直接联系CSML专业发展(CPD)协调员进行指导.  International students must apply for authorization for Curricular Practical Training to the Designated School Official (DSO).


CSML CPT Application Process for 国际学生

  1. Obtain a job offer letter from your employer. The offer letter needs the following: 
    1. 用公司的信笺抬头  
    2. 开始和结束日期. (For example: CPT start date is 10/17/22, End date is 08/20/2023) 
    3. 包括具体职责,办公地点,直接主管姓名和联系电话. 
    4. State that it is a part-time position 
    5. Include the following statement: “employer agrees to cooperate with the school in achieving the curricular purposes of the employment/training” 
  2. Complete the Application for CPT and the Advisor Verification Form for CPT. These forms are located on the student portal:  http://alliantintluni.sharepoint.com/sites/IntlStudent/SitePages/International-Forms.aspx 
  3. 将您的录取通知书和两份表格通过电子邮件发送给您在Alliant的项目主任/教师顾问. 
  4. Once they have signed the forms, please follow up and email ISSO@hsbmotosiklet.com.  The DSO is the one who will give you the authorization to start working. 
  5. Also, if it is your first time in the USA, 你需要去社会保障局办公室取得一个社会安全号码, this process can take 2 or more weeks. Your employer will need your social security number for you to work. So please start the process as soon as possible. For the address of local Social Security Administration offices, see: www.ssa.gov 


Alliant International University’s 加州 School of 管理 and 领导 (CSML) is accredited by the 认证 Council for 业务 Schools and 项目 (ACBSP) for its doctorate in business administration (DBA), 领导力博士, master’s in business administration (MBA), 数据分析硕士学位, and BS in business administration (BSBA) programs.

ACBSP accreditation certifies that the teaching and learning processes offered within CSML programs meet the rigorous educational standards established by said accrediting body, 哪个是全国领先的商业教育专业认证机构. ACBSP’s mission is to promote continuous improvement and recognize teaching excellence through its recognition of business education programs throughout the world.





Why Earn Your DBA Online at Alliant International University?

我们的DBA研究生课程是专门为兼顾职业和学习的专业人士设计的. 不像许多在线课程专注于为学生在学术界的职业生涯做准备, our program provides training for real-world business scenarios. 我们的课程侧重于培养学生所需的技能和知识, and executive-level decision-making in our graduates careers, in order to pursue success in their careers. 此外, 我们的课程获得了商学院和课程认证委员会(ACBSP)的认证。, 是国内声誉卓著、公认的商业教育专业认证机构. Such recognition attests to the quality and rigor of our program, and demonstrates our commitment for a top-notch educational experience.




What is the difference between a PhD and a DBA?

A PhD is a highly specialized research degree that focuses on a specific discipline and prepares individuals for a career as a researcher or faculty member in academia. The aim is to provide in-depth training in research methods and techniques, as well as knowledge of the latest developments in the field.

另一方面, DBA面向的是从事管理工作并做出基于证据的决策的专业人士. The DBA graduate program emphasizes the acquisition, 评估, 分析, 应用程序, 以及对信息的评估——这些都是作为一名成功的管理从业者所必需的. While a PhD is typically seen as a stepping stone to a career in academia, DBA研究生院的博士生通常会在各种各样的行业中找到工作, 包括业务, 医疗保健, 和政府.


What scholarship and financial aid options are available?

私立和公立奖学金可以帮助你支付高等教育的费用, and Alliant offers institutional scholarships for many of our students. 了解更多关于这些 奖学金的机会 here. 对于那些符合贷款条件的人,可以获得额外的经济援助, grants, 联邦工作研究, 还有军事援助. 在我们的 财务选择指南.


What are the steps to completing my dissertation in the DBA degree program?

Your formal dissertation research (DR) work will usually start when you have completed all your non-dissertation coursework or only have up to 5 courses remaining. 你需要首先确定你的论文主席获得注册博士课程. DR课程共8门, 当你在项目中活跃时,哪些是需要持续服用的. 在第一个DR课程中, under your dissertation chair’s guide, you will be mainly working on your comprehensive exam, 这是程序所要求的,是你的论文提案的一个很好的准备. 其他论文委员会成员/读者将被要求审查你的论文草稿, attend and assess your proposal defense as well as final defense. Lastly, you will need to submit your final dissertation manuscript to the university library through the library clearance process.


When does the doctor of business administration degree program start?

该计划是一个为期八周的课程,在入学期间开放注册. You can find a copy of our eight-week term 校历 here.



No. Applying for the DBA online or on-campus includes prerequisite courses, 以前的经验, 以及适用的考试成绩. In order to be eligible for this course, a complete 应用程序 for admission, including all the required documents, must be submitted by the specified 应用程序 deadline. Here's the outline for graduate admissions: http://mqfxug.hsbmotosiklet.com/admissions/graduate


How long does it take to complete the DBA degree program?



What is the modality of this program?

DBA degree in 加州 at our 圣地亚哥 and 洛杉矶 campus. You can also earn your degree online.




在Alliant, our mission is to prepare students for professional careers of service and 领导 and to promote the discovery and 应用程序 of knowledge to improve lives. We offer an education that is accredited, focused on practical knowledge and skills, connected with diverse faculty and alumni, and aimed at the student experience.




CSML is a business management school that trains you to have a competitive edge in the technology and quantitative fields. CSML offers management and 领导 degrees where you can learn to guide and mentor the next generation of professionals and make your mark as an innovator in the modern business world.



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